RightShip, and INTERCARGO have today announced the launch of an important new quality standard for the dry bulk sectorDryBMS. The standard will be governed by a new NGO to be established later this year and will support the improvement of safety in the dry bulk segment  


Both RightShip and INTERCARGO have strongly and consistently advocated the need for significant improvements to dry bulk safety standards. In August 2020 both organisations combined their expertise to create a single framework for the whole industry. 


Supported by the International Chamber of Shipping and BIMCO, DryBMS now exists as a simple set of best practices and key performance indicators, and raise the bar on safety, environmental and operational excellence.  


RightShip’s CEO Steen Lund says that he is confident that such a programme will be supported and adopted. We are proud to launch DryBMS to the industry. The standard is a product of extensive collaboration with many stakeholders within the dry bulk sector. We believe that this ensures the program will be supported and adopted across the industry as a whole. The rapid delivery of the initial consultation document means that we are a step closer to providing consistent, meaningful safety expectations for the dry bulk industry.  


Handing the standard over to a new and independent NGO will ensure the standard is protected and governed with the industry’s best intentions at heart.” added Steen Lund. 


Dimitrios Fafalios, Chairman of INTERCARGO agrees: “This is an important step not only for the industry, but for the sector as a whole.  We are all collaborating in a scheme that is being developed by the industry and for the industry, which will deliver a truly robust standard with the buy in of those that the industry relies upon to implement and support it.”  


RightShip and INTERCARGO are grateful to the joint secretaries, project managers, the industry experts as well as the observers from ICS and BIMCO, for their great support leading up to this important milestone. We cannot achieve the best possible result without input from a broad range of maritime organisations. Each viewpoint helps us gain a comprehensive insight into the needs and wants of our industry,” added Dimitrios Fafalios. “We would also like to recognise the leadership and contribution of David Peel, Martin Crawford-Brunt and everyone who played a role in this collaborative effort already since two years” added Steen Lund. 


“Safety, of people, environment and assetsis the primary focus of DryBMS, but the anticipated cascading effect is operational excellence which will benefit all stakeholders. We very much support this collaborative industry effort to develop a single standard and congratulate the efforts of RightShip and INTERCARGO in bringing this initiative to fruition”, said David Loosley, Secretary General & CEO of BIMCO. 


“We’re pleased to have worked closely with RightShip and INTERCARGO to bring this important new quality standard to the dry bulk sector. Shipping has, and always will adhere to the highest possible standards and best practices. The introduction of DryBMS is yet another example of the industries continued efforts to raise the bar on safety, environmental impact and operational excellence.” 



Interested parties are invited to sign up for the DryBMS newsletter to receive regular updates regarding the development of the NGO and the finalised standard. The final draft version of the standard is now available to download on the DryBMS website, and the team will continue to review feedback sent to enquiries@drybms.org.