About our governance

DBCE will be governed by its Articles of Association and The DBCE Rules (“The Rules”). Day to day management will be undertaken by the DBCE Secretariat.


The DBCE Secretariat will be responsible to the DBCE Board of Directors for the management of DBCE, the administration of DryBMS and compliance with “The Rules”.

Advisory Committee

The DBCE Secretariat is supported by the DryBMS Advisory Committee formed of representatives direct from industry organisations that subscribe to DBCE.  The Purpose of the DryBMS Advisory Committee is to ensure the DryBMS framework remains fit for purpose against changing industry trends or requirements.   The Committee is chaired by the Managing Director of DBCE.

Board of Directors (BoD)

The BoD is a comprised of a total of 10 industry representatives. The Chairman and Vice Chairman positions are held by one representative from DBCEs Shipowners/ Ship Manager subscribers, and one representative from DBCEs Charterer Subscribers with the positions of Chairman held on an alternating basis.


Guidelines & standards

Click to find clear guidelines and standards for safety at sea, along with all the support you need to raise standards.