In this article, DryBMS Project Lead Luke Fisher highlights the importance of the standard’s scoring system and explains how it works under the revised system


The DryBMS scoring system is an essential component of the self-assessment process, with criteria specifically developed in order to give those using the standard a clear indication of their present position, while also clearly highlighting areas in which improvements can be made.

Since the initial scoring system was developed, we have made some changes based on broad industry feedback to ensure it is accessible and understandable for all users.


How has the scoring system changed?

In our initial scoring system, ship managers did not receive credit for expectations met at the advanced and excellence levels, unless the basic and intermediate levels had been fully met (self-assessed at 100% in both instances).

Additionally, no credit was given for the intermediate level, unless the basic level was completely met. Under this system, companies could achieve the same score, even if additional work has taken place at the higher levels, thus creating an uneven playing field.

Under the revised system, instead of getting no credit, companies will receive five per cent of their self-assessment total. So, for example if they self-assess and achieve 50 per cent, they will receive an additional 2.5 per cent.  We concluded that this was beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Recognition should be given to those doing more than the ‘minimum’
  • We need to provide an incentive to aim for a higher standard
  • It provides justification for additional budget spending to progress gradually on discrete elements
  • The proposal aims to drive companies to work towards 100 per cent. At Basic and Intermediate levels, there is still the potential to earn points for progress, just as there is at Advanced and Excellent levels


What happens next?

We are in the process of finalising the draft standard and still welcome any feedback that you’d like to share. We’re working to make this a standard by the industry, for the industry and aim to provide a clear and accurate road map to success, with the scoring process and integral part of this.


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